Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yes, my days in T.O. have officially kicked into single digit. It's D-9. It seems that I've become too busy to be as excited and sentimental as the past few weeks - interesting.

For those of you who can find your way to Lula Lounge in Toronto this Friday (June 29th), you are invited to my farewell party! It'll be dinner in an excellent and cheap Vietnamese restaurant a few doors down, followed by live salsa music and dancing at Lula, one of my fave spots in T.O. Expect to dance with me! ;)

For your viewing pleasure, I managed to dig up this photo of myself when I co-organized the University of Toronto Dance Club first-ever boat cruise back in 2003. Who would've thought that I'd use it now to promote my own farewell party?! :)

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