Sunday, July 1, 2007

W-1 =)

Only one week before Shu arrives in Abu Dhabi! And I have to tell you, I can't wait. The last time we were together was when Shu left The Netherlands on May 1st, and it has been the longest period in our relationship that we have not seen each other for.
Apart from that, I think her arrival will really mark the start of our new adventure.

Shu: good luck, my dear, the coming week with everything that still needs doing. I'm awaiting your arrival eagerly. Our place is all ready!

And on the very same day our first guest will arrive! But he'll be landing in Dubai, so we still have to figure out how to get him to Abu Dhabi. Anyways, to our first guest: we will have the spare bedroom setup for you to enjoy!

In the meantime... I've been playing around a little bit with Google Maps, and here's the result. Mind you, it's a work in progress, I actually intend to use it as our reference map! But you can find our house in there, and if you click Hybrid or Satellite, you will get to see our actual apartment building!

Shu: see you in a week! q:)

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Anonymous said...


By zooming out slightly on the map it says "Womens private beach". That sounds like an extremely interesting place, what's it like?

:-) Peer