Saturday, July 7, 2007

Shu: Welcome to Abu Dhabi!

Welcome, sweetie, to Abu Dhabi and the start of us living together! :)
(that was the personal part of this blog ;)

As I'm writing this, Shu's airplane should be leaving the Canadian airspace on it's way to Abu Dhabi!
After having spent two months 'setting up camp' here in Abu Dhabi, I am very much ready for Shu to arrive and enjoy this new experience together with me.
To sum things up: everything's going good so far! I'm really enjoying myself, although I very much want Shu to be a part of it. Work has been great, I will blog about this topic soon, I know you all want to know how I'm fairing. Basically, I've done two months training and I need only one more month before I checkout.
I've made new friends, mostly through work. I really like our apartment, it's a nice size, centrally located, I get to work in under 20 mins, walk almost everything in the downtown area.

The next thing I'm looking forward to is Traveling! As most of you know, both Shu and I are avid travelers, and I (we!) can't wait to explore the Middle East, Africa and Asia region, which all are very close! When that happens, this'll be the first place you'll read about it!

(photo taken by my friend 'Mr. G.', it's the Sheik Zayed Grande Mosque, still under construction. It's gigantic! They actually had to scale it down because the original size would've made it bigger than the mosque in Mecca, and that's a big no-no of course!)


Anonymous said...

I believe by now Shu must have arrived in Abu Dhabi:
Congratulations guys, finally together !!!
Best of luck, have fun
Peter & Wilma

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

the best of luck! I hope everything works out for you!


FreeTinkerer said...

Congratulations on Shu landing in AD and reuniting with Q. Wishing you two the best of everything as you embark on a life-journey together. Buena suerte dos chinos!