Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Apartments, Cars, Driving Tickets... Action!

Yes, apartments, cars, driving tickets... very exciting, isn't it! But since they are Q-related actions, I'll leave them to him to clarify, but just thought to fill in the vacuum a bit. (Sorry for the teaser, everyone!)

Sandra (N.B. friend in NL!) suggested that I should update everyone about my situation in Toronto, so here it is. My flight to Abu Dhabi is likely to be on Sat, July 7 inshallah ("if God's willing" as the Arabs would say). At this point I have about five weeks left. Work-wise, I officially communicated with my managers about my intention of moving to UAE last week. They were very supportive of my decision, and are actively helping me in finding a protential position in UAE and region - can't really say the chance is good, but it matters to me more that the management is trying hard - much appreciated! So worst case, I should be able to get a leave of absence. *Fingers crossed!*

Besides the expected moving-related chores, I have also been busy with some "one-last-time" things, like exploring different neighbourhoods of Toronto and/or Ontario with my friends and family. Among the things that come in mind: a 3-day canoe camping trip in Killarney Park in central Ontario with my friends Viv, Jay and Ben; under-the-star Salsa Sidewalk dancing with my mom; a wonderful dinner to midtown Terroni with my friend Vid; another wonderful dinner to downtown Terroni with my cousin Li; a fun-packed Luminato evening with my friend Ada; an upcoming visit to Hugh's Room (local hotspot for live performances) to see one of my favourite Canadian-Cuban performer Alex Cuba with my friend Thu Huong; an upcoming long-weekend trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake with my friends Criana, Donna and Vid. Yeah, I guess it's fair to say that I'm trying to pack in as much Toronto as I can.

Heck, I am not even gonna try to deny it, I _will_ miss Toronto greatly - not just the amazing city itself, but also my dear friends and family, and the years of laughters, nerdiness and silliness... snow storms, blackfly herds and vintage coats... kensington market, greektown and Salad King, TTC passes, salsa nights and free outdoor events... Just thinking about these things is already getting me very emotional... and I'm literally choked with words, so I'm gonna stop for now and maybe pick up the topic later.

That's all from me for now. Keep on sending those blog suggestions, people. ;)

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