Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bits of My Toronto

My last post sorta made me realize that I had been somewhat in denial about what Toronto meant to me. Subconsciously I started taking notes of the bits of Toronto for me to remember by, and I did so with the digital SLR John lent me (thanks John!). Here are some photos, and I will continue adding more as more are taken. Darn, am I sentimental. :)

Two cool designs I came across this weekend: Crystal and Pulse Light. The first is the new building design for Royal Ontario Museum and it's absolutely phenomenal! The latter is part of Luminato festival. It's consist of 20 high-beam lights installed along harbour front, each of which takes a spectator's impulse by handle bars and pulses the light with the persons's heart beat - think 20 strangers' hearts dancing together in the night sky in the form of lights!

It's not just all fun and photos, meanwhile my packing continues and I'm surprised at how much I can compress my belongings. If I try hard enough, maybe I can fit all my stuff into a stove-size container. :)

As for Q, apparently they had an "interesting" night shift when the cyclone storm Gonu wiped through the Persian Gulf last week, "Boy, what a night it's been.... I've seensome crazy traffic at times, but this was seriously insane. Anyways, we all lived, including the planes/pilots." After four days rest, he has started another 6-work-day rotation.

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gerlstar said...

Hi Shu, I didnt realize your camera is so awesome until now. It's so clear! lol Too bad I cant afford an SLR... ;(