Monday, February 7, 2011

Enchanted by Brazil: The Food Report

“Ten days or less, we should be through Brazil”, so we thought before even entering into the country, and we couldn’t be more wrong. Three weeks later, we are still here in this amazing country.

Let’s start with food – of course, what else! Our eyes popped so wide open like you wouldn’t believe when we saw so many different veggies, spices, fish and meat choices, yes, so many that we wish we grew more eyes and stomachs!

Just like how the Brazilian official language (Portuguese) being different from the rest of South America’s (Spanish), the Brazilian cuisine has uniqueness written all of it too: deep-fried balls made with dried fish, delicious pizzas with four different toppings on one, ONE DOZEN juicy and fresh oysters for THREE DOLLARS, and don’t even get me started with those exotic fruit juices! It was the ultimate approval for our trip extension.

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Midnight Snack: Fresh oysters!

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So many choices, we are in fruit and juices heaven!

As much as beans and rice being the staple food in Brazil,  you will find plenty of different cuisines. We had juicy steaks at a churrascaria (meat grill) that made us go wow in Porto Alegre, too much homemade seafood in Florianapolis (Thanks to Claudia!), sinful-tasty home-brewed beer in Curitiba (Thanks to Luis!), Shu-100%-approved Chinese food in Sao Paolo (Thanks to Marisa!), tasty local fish in Corumba, and dined in plenty great per-kilo (N.B. pay-by-food-weight) restaurants.

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Menu from Churrastaria – the actuals look better!

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Q loving the artisanal beer!

Honestly I am not doing Brazil justice by only mentioning the food and drinks without going into the details of their flavors and textures, which made us salivate non-stop for the past few weeks – Very lame but true!

For food alone, Brazil is a country well-worth returning to over and over. Not to mention the drop-dead-gorgeous sceneries and tropically-warm people. (More on them later.)

Brazil, Brazil, Brazil. We will dream of you.

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Nana H said...

Looks extremely yummy! I'm jealous. We have charruscaria here in Montreal, but I doubt it does justice to the real thing. It must be tough not to be able to take some of that with you on your travels, no? (doubt you can carry much on your bike, and the food would spoil).