Thursday, February 3, 2011

And The Answer Is… (Warning: You Probably Will Not Like It!)

Before giving the answer to the quiz question posted earlier, I need to explain a traditional Brazilian kids’ favorite sports – "cerol”. It is a form of kite fighting, involving coating the kite lines with tiny broken glasses stuck on with glue, so they can cutting other kite lines. It was rather harmless to the kite-flyers when they wear gloves to fly the kites.

(photo for illustration only)

But you probably guessed it, cerol kites are extremely dangerous for motorcycles on the roads, with broken kite strings end up dangled in trees along the roads. After causing some serious accidents to motorcycle riders, cerol has been banned by the Brazilian government. But it is still quite popular in country side, so accidents are still reported every year. Luckily we were warned by our Couchsurfing hosts in Sao Paolo, and were told to get our very own anti-cerol device: it is mounted in the front of the motorcycle, and the hook on the top can cut off any dangerous cerol lines. So there you go, it is a string-cutting safety device.

2011-01-28 14h37m18s DMC-TS2 P1070217

Now not only we feel safer travelling with our new accessory, but it will serve as a souvenir from Brazil!

2011-01-28 14h36m42s DMC-TS2 P1070215


Unknown said...

i say, get your own cerol and fly it while you're riding. that way, you can cut those dangerous lines before they get to you ;)

Claudia Losso said...

I have to explain: Cerol is not a sport, is the name for the mix with glass and glu that the kids put in the line to cut another "pipa" in the sky. The sports name is "Soltar Pipa" ou "Soltar Pandorga" (in south of Brazil)