Sunday, December 12, 2010

End of The World at Last

Six months into our travelling, we have reached a significant milestone of our travelling – Ushuaia, Argentina, known as “El Fin Del Mundo” (The End of the World). For situating at ~54 degree south, it is the most southern city in the world, and we are standing at it!!

2010-12-08 13h29m39s DMC-LX3 P1010706_RW2

To be honest, Ushuaia didn’t quite feel like the end of the world with some more islands scattered to its south. But it is such a stunningly beautiful place, I am more than happy to live with this end-of-the-world memory.

2010-12-07 17h00m43s DMC-LX3 P1010670_RW2

2010-12-07 19h39m31s DMC-TS2 P1050457

2010-12-08 16h37m53s DMC-LX3 P1010710_RW2So we should be jumping up and down at this highlight. Except there is something missing, or rather we are missing something. Home. Not just a Casa with two wheels and two sets of clothes. Our purple sofa. Our worn-out coffee-table. Our sharp knives. Half a year of bed-hopping (ha!) later, we have a serious case of home-sickness. So now you can guess what my new year’s resolution is.

Happy preparation for the holiday season, everyone! :)

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TF said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy holidays to you both. Sorry that you're homesick, but what an adventure! You're definitely missed here in AD and hope to see you soon. In the meantime, love the posts!