Monday, January 12, 2009

"One Amazing Thing I've Seen or Done"

We received a CS (read as CouchSurfing, but you should know this by now if you are following our blogs) request from a 25-year-old guy who listed the following on his CS profile as the answer to "One Amazing Thing I've Seen or Done":

Climbing sea rocks off Malaysia's tropical Islands. Riding motorbike through hilly Northern Thailand. Bamboo boating on the Li river. Climing the East Tibetan Himalayas, running out of oxygen, food, and water at 4500m, and following locals on the mountain back to their village for dinner. Teaching English in Beijing for 4 weeks straight, 3 hours with one school, 2 hours at another, etc... By the end of it, I'd made almost 2000USD, working only 100 hours. I kept so busy I didn't even see the Great Wall. In Mexico, I traveled the entire distance north to south (From Tijuana, to Guatamala during winter), and by the Pacific ocean too (fantastic sunsets, and sandy beaches). Yucatacan Mexico is inferior to Pacific Mexico in many ways, except the colour of water there. After, I traveled Miami to Maine (in the USA, covering 14 states) in 6 months. Again, along the coast and up the Appalachain chain. New York was a low point, but New England seafood, the Everglades, Okefonekee swamp, Savannah, and my American hosts were worth the trip through America. Then came Maritime Canada, Montreal, and Toronto (where I grew up). Newfoundland is beautiful, and quirky. Prince Edward Island is pretty, and friendly. Montreal's probably the best Canadian city (outside winter), and Toronto is one big refugee camp. Then came along Europe, Madrid is way better than Barcelona, and you can skip Costa del Sol. Morocco is fantastic is you have friendly hosts. Beware strangers, they are "clever" (in a bad way). London is like a European New York, rude, aggresive, sarcastic, unfriendly, noisy, smelly, dirty, etc... Norway is the best country I've ever visited. Stockholm, and Oslo are great cities, along with Hong Kong - they are my all time favourites. Norwegian nature is ranked #1 in my book of photographs. The Balkans are broken, but hard, yet hospitable people keep the region alive. Macedonia is my favourite country there.

It didn't stop here. I forwarded the above to a dear friend Ryan Rowe to "beat this!", to which he responded with the following:

Sky-dived in Brazil. Bungee-jumping in Greece. Swimming at night with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef. Dancing in a park with locals in Beijing. Modeling high fashion on a catwalk alongside Colombian supermodels. Tending bar in the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean. Floating in the Dead Sea. Sleeping overnight in a quinchee snow hut in Eastern Quebec. Surfing off the coast of California. Hitchhiking in Belize. Partying with bikini-clad models in Moscow. Staying with a refugee family in Palestine. Tracking the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Throwing a message in a bottle overboard in Newfoundland and getting it back years later. Sailing for five days from Guatemala to Honduras. Dancing with the Spice Girls on Canadian music television. [Update: Hitching a ride on a lobster-fishing boat into the Mosquito Coast - Central America's largest jungle. Giving the valedictory address to 2000 fellow students at Concordia University. Celebrating New Year's Eve with over a million other people on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Eating grasshoppers in southern Mexico. Skinny-dipping in the Arabian Gulf on the coast of Dubai. Skipping a return flight from Brazil to Canada to spend three nights with a beautiful woman.] (N.B. Ryan's a true charmer who is ver proud of it. Good for you, rr!)

How's this for a quick crack? Need to go to sleep....

Well, how is that! Enough for me want to quit my job and go travel, considering my list only had one item, which was watching men shoulder-carry heavy loads up to top of Mount Tai in China! Good start, I guess... I think... I hope! :)

Here is a question for all of you. Long or short, I'd love to hear what you have on your list!

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