Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Year of Ox Celebration!

In response to several friends' requests, Q and I organized a Chinese New Year's Eve dinner in a local restaurant for 21 people!

Once again it felt like a bit of UN gathering, among the attendees you can find English, Walsh, Czech, Iranian, French, Malaysian, American, Dutch, Filipino, Jordanian, Canadian, and Chinese! :) Together we welcomed the new year with over 25 delicious dishes! Yum yum! :) Here is a video that I took with my phone, and our friend Ryan wrote a nice blog posting about it. Thank you all for joining us.

Happy Year of Ox, everyone! 祝亲朋好友牛年吉祥顺利!

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Nana H said...

It WAS very yum yum; thanks for the 3000 calorie-experience ;)