Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two-Wheeler, Italian Food, and Dutch Tea in Abu Dhabi!

Life in Abu Dhabi can be annoying (here is a sample UAE soap), but never ever boring. Here is a few recent developments in our lives:

- A few days after the motorcycle purchase, Q got yet another set of two-wheeler and has been loving riding it - with a safety vest on of course! :)

- We had an Italian couchsurfing guest last week, Roberto from Pesaro, who absolutely cooked up an storm in our kitchen. A three-course homemade good-hearted Italian meal - it was heavenly! Grazie tante, Roberto! I know I've said this before, and I will say it again - Couchsurfing is absolutely one of the best ways to travel without leaving home!

- As I am busy preparing for an upcoming exam, I developed a habit of drinking herbal tea while studying. And I was able to finally try out a gift that one of Q's friends gave us - Dutch-made Yogi Tea, I like it! To whoever gave us this cute and thoughtful gift, please come forward as Q forgot who you were - thanks bunches!

p.s. As I am typing this, Q just arrived in Minsk, Belarus, where it's snowing right now. And Abu Dhabi is only uhm - not to make anyone feel bad - 30 degree celcius and sunny. ;)


FreeTinkerer said...

OMG!!! Thatz Q's third 2-wheeler?

I'm hungry ... and willing to host Roberto :)

Tea? I'm gonna stay with Tetleys OP.

If it makes anyone feel better :) we've got significant snowfall and negative temperatures in TO.

Anonymous said...

Better late than never?? It was me! Mireille. I am not even sure it's Dutch tea but I drink this herbal tea aaaaalllll the time and at least it doesn't contain any bad stuff like cafeine (I drink coffey when I want cafeine right... ?).
How did you like the little sayings on the teabag?

elvistudio said...

Hi Shu, hi Q!:)
I'm Sasha from Minsk, now I have time to read your blog:)

Q, as I understand this was your second visit to Minsk?

Unknown said...

Hi Q & Shu,
All the best wishes for 2009!

By the way: isn't it time for a little blog-update? :)