Sunday, November 16, 2008

Got my wheels!


I've finally bought a motorcycle here in Scaby Dhabi!

It's a Honda CBR600F4i, bought second hand from guy in Dubai with a mere 9,000 km on the clock. It looks spic-and-span!

And to top it off, I might just have the shortest license plate I'll ever have, with only 4 digits (it's only 4 because it's a special motorcycle license and there aren't that many around (yet) in Abu Dhabi).

I'm one happy camper!

Now I only have to sell my Aprilia Falco back in The Netherlands... anyone interested? :)


FreeTinkerer said...

Congratulations on the new wheels - looks awesome! I can sense the excitement :) I am sure you are gonna have lotsa fun.

Vance Stevens said...

Hey, cool blog! Nothing on the Empros? Join us soon in Dibba (and bring your camera!) Vance