Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Movie Review: Seachd

I had the honor of watching an absolutely amazing film called Seachd last night. The free screening was organized by the British Council in association with the Abu Dhabi Culture and Heritage Foundation. Being cheap and a movie junkie, I obviously didn't pass on this opportunity, and am I glad!

(Photos from Seachd Website)
The most peculiar thing about the drama feature is that it is in Gaelic with English subtitle. The stories, characters, music and settings had so much of Scottish soul - it was incredibly heart-felt and magical! Within minutes into the movie, I already knew it was a master piece and I was in for a treat. It was movie back to basics and at its best.

The last time I raved this much about a movie was for Little Miss Sunshine (and previously Grave of the Fireflies). Similar to LMS, Seachd made me laugh out loud at times, but further more, it reached a lot deeper in me. I suppose it's one of those movies that the more you are open to it, the more it gives back. In fact, I was so touched that after I stepped out of the movie theater, I just couldn't help but started choking up. Yes, it's very embarrassing but I couldn't care less - I just had to stay connected with the movie a bit longer!

Do me a favor and try find it on your local big screen! Go, Scotland!

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