Friday, February 15, 2008

Funny or Scary?

In Abu Dhabi, situations like the following often come up and we would often scratch our heads and just not sure if they are funny or scary. Maybe best that I share them with everyone and you be the judge.

Story 1: Recently I called in our online banking tech support to ask for help. The problem was that my account did not have access to this banking feature that Q's account had access to. After a good half an hour hair-pulling troubleshooting, the suggestion from the tech support?

Tech support:"Madam, why don't you use your husband's ID?"
Me:"What?!? I don't have my husband's ID and password."
Tech support:"You don't? Where is he? Can you get it from him?"

Story 2: The picture says it all.

Story 3: When strolling in the Abu Dhabi Mall, Q and I came across a poster which read,"Keen on taking up walking as an exercise? Tired of the heat outside? Here's a great way out. Join the Walkers Club and enjoy walking inside the climate-controlled Mall from 7:00 a.m. till 10:00 a.m. So, put your best foot forward and get on the move." Riight, that's what I'd tell Q the next time I'm off shopping, "Honey, I'm taking your Visa card for a climate-controlled walk!" :)

Story 4: When a colleague was doing her grocery shopping in a local supermarket, she came across a couple of unsupervised little kids groofing around with the plastic bags (the ones used for fresh produce). When she saw the older one wrap-covered the face of the smaller child, she hurried over and removed the bag, and the mom only showed up and shrugged if off like nothing happened!

This is where Q and I say to each other, "TIAD!" - This is Abu Dhabi.

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