Friday, February 8, 2008

Abu Dhabi from the sky - a Gulf News special

Yes, yes, I know. I've had numerous complaints that we're not posting as much as you all would like us to... (mind you, if you guys would leave more comments, we would be more enticed to post stuff! Ahhh, just kidding...) We really like to post and want to post, it's just... writer's block? Or maybe one can best call it: procrastination (or, I we'd call it whilst in college in NL and having to study for an exam: SOG ;)
This Calvin & Hobbes cartoon has a nice way of formulating it:
Anyhoo, I also know that you guys want to read about my trip to Vietnam. I'm working on the posting and will try to get it posted before I leave for the Philippines... the short version was: it was a great trip, saw beautiful sceneries and tasted awesome Vietnamese street food!

For those who yet have to visit us (hint!) and for those who fondle cherished memories ;) of your visit to our city, here is an article published in our local newspaper Gulf News with plenty of pictures of Abu Dhabi!

In the meantime, Shu has started her new job, it's right in town, a few blocks from our house, so very convenient! I'm sure she'll tell you all about it. And right at this moment she's running with the Terry Fox Run with a few friends. And we're preparing for our upcoming trip to The Philippines! I leave on Feb 15th, Shu will leave (in true Wijnberg style, never together ;) on the 29th, accompanied by SaRa, our lovely friend who is one of the key components of Shu and I meeting each other! On her way back, SaRa will stay with us for a few days to enjoy the tastes and treats of AD...

By the way, the weather here in Abu Dhabi is cold, or at least, we call it cold, 8 degrees at night, and trying to hit 20 during the day. Still sunny though! It's the last bits of winter before the heat starts to rise again for this summer...


Anonymous said...

This post hinted me for the comments section!! I really like reading your blog news! And when I get email is exciting! We don't post back, but I will now... hehe

And for the second hint of the post... I got it before and I see you soon for the Gulf winter!!


Anonymous said...

BTW - thank you very much for the lovely comment ;)
Just had my first malaria tablet, well, 4 at once! bffff. Can't wait! Hope you having a good time in Cebu or wherever you are now.