Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Morning, United States of America! You Smell Good!!

Some of you have noticed from the photos that Q was getting darker and skinner from the hard work of motorcycling for 60,000 km. Well, worry not, because we have made it to the United States of America, home to meals that not only smell good but taste even better.

2011-05-30 07h18m49s DMC-FH3 P1010080

Above: Hello, bacon! Only if I can sing to you. Oh, how much I have missed you.

It seems that we have to learn to count calories again!

2011-05-30 13h48m16s DMC-FH3 P1010115

Above: Last stretch to pamily through gorgeous yet freezing northern California.

Special thanks to our friend Kiyo for hosting us in Los Angeles and the Andrews pamily for hosting us in northern California! Yes, after a year’s travelling, we are on vacation! Hooray!

2011-06-01 13h12m05s DMC-FH3 P1010176

From Dos Chinos on Dos Wheels to Dos NiƱos in a Van!

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Unknown said...

hey, if you guys swing by orange county, make sure to give me a call and stop by. i know a few places where you two can load up on some calories :)