Monday, May 30, 2011

48 Chowhound Hours in Mexico

Chowhound: Someone who strategizes carefully, passionately, and adventurously in deciding what and where to eat. For example, Q and I are chowhounds.

The truth was we did not know what to expect of Mexican food before entering the country. We were too annoyed by the rampant corruption and security issues plaguing the Central America, we were just happy to get a step closer to North America. And we were in for a surprise treat. Mexico was AMAZING with such different and fun flavours. Here is a documentary of the food we sampled in the first 48 hours of arriving in the country.

First day lunch at roadside booth – Slow-cooked beef stew with meat falling apart under fork.

2011-05-17 12h54m09s DMC-FH3 P1000636

First day dinner in San Cristobal de Las Casas – Q taking in a street hamburger for $3 with layers of ham, lean meat and bacon along with veggies.

2011-05-17 21h37m19s DMC-FH3 P1000667

Second day lunch in Municipal Market: pots of goodies waiting to be picked and enjoyed.

2011-05-18 12h08m37s DMC-FH3 P1000678

2011-05-18 12h19m27s DMC-FH3 P1000685

For the rest of the second day, we feasted on more of rich and exotic Mexican treats…

2011-05-18 15h03m16s DMC-FH3 P1000729

Above: the BEST roasted peanuts ever. Directly from the farmers.

2011-05-18 12h36m44s DMC-FH3 P1000689

Above: bean bread

2011-05-18 12h43m26s DMC-FH3 P1000694

2011-05-18 12h58m44s DMC-FH3 P1000704

Above: all sorted beans

2011-05-18 12h50m42s DMC-FH3 P1000699

2011-05-18 16h12m51s DMC-FH3 P1000735

Above: Fat-bottomed ants! My my!

2011-05-18 20h16m56s DMC-FH3 P1000742.0001

2011-05-18 18h04m35s DMC-FH3 P1000739

Above: corn bread.

2011-05-18 13h56m26s DMC-FH3 P1000724

Above:  Refreshing and tasty tacos.

Okay I know we totally pigged out, but I truly believe that Mexico could make anyone into a chowhound. Trust me, you simply cannot resist.

Thank you, Mexico. It’s been a great pleasure.

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Kun said...

Oh wow - that looks absolutely mouthwateringly delicious!!! Did you try the fat bottomed ants?