Monday, September 13, 2010

Iguazú Falls

Q said he had never heard of Iguazú Falls before arriving in South America. And I have only read about it in some travel literature – that it is one of the world’s largest water falls. With the little knowledge we had, we made it our first stop after leaving Buenos Aries.

And boy, were we in for a treat! Iguazú Falls were pure heavenly and magic…







As a Canadian, I am embarrassed to admit that the Iguazú Falls was far better preserved and presented than Niagara Falls.

In addition to the magnificant falls, we were also pleasantly surprised by the exotic plants and animals covering the area. (click below to view bigger image.)


It has been a pure eye candy and we simply couldn’t get enough. Such was a privilege.

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Anonymous said...

Shu you might not remember me from Esso baseball days but Yang has filled me in on your trips and have enjoyed all the stories. Today she shared your blog of Boliva and have thoroughly enjoyed qucikly perusing the stories before I go to the movies. It sounds so magical. And yes I am sure not all days were brilliant but as they you have to experience some bad days to appreciate the wonderful days - life is full of valleys and mountains. I was in Argentina and Chile 5 years ago and loved every minute of it. Enjoy. And can wit to hear more.

Take care Maria Coiro from Esso Baseball