Thursday, December 31, 2009

Touching base

20091228 AdS

My previous employer in the Netherlands (LVNL) asked me to write an article for their internal magazine updating them with what’s been going on with us since we left.

I really enjoyed my time working there, and this is a way of touching base with my previous work and colleagues.
(hallo LVNLers (and all others!), post a reply or send an email, let us know how you’re doing!)

They allowed me to publish the article on the blog, have a read if your Dutch is up to scratch :)

(for people on our mailing list, if you don’t see the picture in this post, go to the blog to read it)

(P.S. changed the link to a bigger picture...)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hé Q! Leuk dat artikel van je in AdS. Ik werk nu bij Werving, Pascal van Eck is de OE. We gebruiken jou regelmatig als voorbeeld bij wervingsactiviteiten voor luchtverkeersleiders als men vraagt of je altijd op SPL moet blijven. Je komt hier dus nog met grote regelmaat langs! ;) Groet, Renske Stol