Tuesday, December 22, 2009

From Abu Dhabi: Christmas Carol, Bedspace Ads and Liquor Store

Some random things to share with you of our life in Abu Dhabi.

- I crashed a private function to watch our friend Meg sing Christmas carol. The backdrop is a giant light display of UAE flag, left beaming from the UAE National Day celebration back in early December.


- Bedspace ads posted on a random bus shelter, which is not in use and simply acts as sand collector.


20091210174     - Although I’ve never visited an adult video shop in Toronto, somehow I reckon the experience would be similar to that of visiting a liquor store in Abu Dhabi, except there are really only a handful of them. As you can see below, the shop windows are all blacked out, and after your purchase, you carry your bottles in black unmarked bags… not to mention the mandatory liquor license!

GMP img source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/biglittlesister/3363630996


From the local liquor store, Merry Christmas and drink up, everyone! :)


FreeTinkerer said...

Love reading your blogs!

Is that just like you Shu to gate-crash a private function?!

The bed space ads are shockingly racist & sexist, and yet they are simply hilarious :)

Love the liquor store story - and the comparison to an adult video store in Toronto (: LOL :)

You two are wished a happy holiday season and the best of everything in the new year.



Captain Pigeon said...

I think is Q's private store x