Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to Abu Dhabi - This is Not My City

Twice now I've been rubbed the wrong way on my residence status here in Abu Dhabi.

Recently I had a chat with a manager who is here for a year-long assignment and has been living in a furnished apartment for several months himself. We talked about getting more resources on the team and that's when he went on saying "you know, we need more local-based expats like yourself." "Local-based expats"? What oxymoron! I wouldn't think it makes me more local just because I came here a year earlier!

Another slight irritation came at the end of walking around Abu Dhabi with a friend who came here three or four months back. He sincerely thanked me for showing him "my city". "My city"? What, because I actually took interest to get to know it better when a lot of expats are more than happy to just hang out at the beaches and hotels?

Abu Dhabi is merely where Q and I live. It's interesting to see none of us expats have a sense of belongingness!

...which makes an interesting question - if not Abu Dhabi, which city is my city??? Hmm...

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