Sunday, March 22, 2009

String quartet performance

Shu and I were invited to a small string quartet performance last Saturday. Two of our friends, Rachel and Emma, play in this quartet. The performance was a small hour or so, with beautiful pieces being played. The crowd was mixed, with kids and elderly, and everything in between, around 30 people or so in a gorgeous 15th floor apartment on the Corniche (the word that is used in this part of the world for the promenade/esplanade).

 A collage of the photos I took during the performance

It was my first time to take pictures again since my accident with my leg. Usually I’ll be all over the place taking pictures, but with my leg, and of course the small scale setting of the performance, prohibited me from moving about. I ended up taking all the pictures during the performance from the same chair :)

Nevertheless, good to be photographing again! Have a look at all the photos here!

  Cello being played

A big thanks to all who sent in emails, instant messages, snail mails, etc, wishing me all the best with my leg. It’s always good to know that being out of sight doesn’t have to mean out of mind.
Please drop us a line to let us know what you have been up to! We’d love to know!

One small thing, contrary to what Shu mentioned in her previous post, I will not switch to a brace when this cast comes off in 10 days. Instead, I will get a walking cast for another 6 weeks, after which I will start with my physiotherapy. This is actually the part I’m not looking forward to; having to learn to walk again after not having used my leg for 3 months! But I’m sure I’ll be fine in the end…

Cello case in the hallway

And finally, as some of you observe in these pictures, I have re-started putting ‘copyrights’ on my pictures. I publish them under the Creative Commons license, a license which lets people use my work under certain conditions. If you would like to use my pictures, please read what this particular license entails.

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