Sunday, January 6, 2008

A quick update before...

...I fly to Vietnam!

My bag is packed... well, two bags. One for clothes, one -of course- for my camera equipment. Well under 15 kgs, I'm happy! I fly in under 9 hours!

Okok, so I haven't really updated anyone with what's been happening for more than a month now. So here's the quickie!

Last days of November and first few days of December was my trip to Kuwait! Or rather, to the Ruis' family... hehe, because I ended up spending a whole lot of time with my friend Erik, his wife Marlène and their oh-so adorable daughters Marlo and Evie, and not so much exploring Kuwait. But it was great fun, I had my first-time-out-of-The-Netherlands Sinterklaas celebration, and yes, he visits Kuwait too, I even saw him in person (although no gift! I must have been bad this year ;)
And I got my first 'off-road' driving experience (in the passenger seat, Erik was having wayyy too much fun ;)
Thanks again, guys, for having me over! And a big HUG for Evie and Marlo!

Then we had our second overseas visitor -> my mom! She stayed for a whole week, and not a moment got wasted. We did the sites in Abu Dhabi, went to Dubai for a day, saw the desert, cooked, cleaned (thanks), met people. Fun filled. And we were seriously pooped when she left. But all was good, and it gave my mom the chance to have a look at the new city we live in, the apartment we have, the new friends we met.

On the 18th of December... tragedy :( on my way to work I had an accident with 'the Lexus'. I had to do an emergency break due to a car that had stopped in a different lane, and other cars wanting to enter my lane. The car behind me wasn't able to stop in time, and he hit my car. I'm doing ok, 'the Lexus' not so good. We've been without ever since... annoying.The whole theatre after the accident with calling the police and the towing service is a story in itself, but I'll tell that one another time. Let's suffice to say that Shu's experience with the police when she had her fender-bender was not a one-off... (me calling the emergency number: 'I have had an accident with my car on Salam Street between 23rd and 25th!', person on the other side: 'I don't understand!', and this went on and on and on and on... *gosh*)
Anyways, we're waiting for the go-ahead from the insurance company. Don't know why it would take this long, either the guy's insurance pays (which they should, I got the 'pink slip', which indicates that I was not at fault), or mine does, either way we're insured. But it doesn't work that way, so patience's the word.

Christmas and New Year were great fun. Spent a lot time with friends -and in the kitchen-.
And we ---finally--- have put up things on our walls -> paintings, display cabinet, wall rug, and much, much more. It feels more and more like home! (thanks again Mike and Lorri for 1-0-1 on drilling and hanging stuff!)

So... what's next, I hear you ask. It's Vietnam!
It'll be me-myself-and-I, Shu wanted to continue looking for a job (and landing one too). I fly to Bangkok tomorrow, stay there for one night, then fly to Hanoi the next day. No plans yet, I have my ever-faithful Lonely Planet to help out and plenty of tips from friends. Can't wait! Any tips are welcome of course ;)

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