Thursday, September 27, 2007

Joy in Thailand

After months living in Abu Dhabi, Q and I took our first together-trip to Thailand. Even though it was quite short (only six days), it was joyful nevertheless, filled with - you guessed it - food. Anyways, photos are worth a thousand words, so here they are, all through Q's observing eyes (In case you are wondering, I left my camera at home thanks to my blondeness).

As for impression of the country, we both felt that we barely scratched the surface, and will definitely go back for more. To me, it was even a bit interesting since it's my first Asian country outside China, it was, different yet familiar. I was relieved to see the Thais seemed to have done a better job in preserving the some traditions, but just about everywhere supermarkets are popping up, cornering out the local markets, so maybe it's just a matter of time.

With just a few days back home, we're itching to set off on a month-long journey in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Should be very exciting!!!


Anonymous said...

So this is your new car ;)

Anonymous said...

Thailand, to us, is such an exotic place. But the food looks great.

Anonymous said...

Is the food as good as ThaiOne On? Matt

FreeTinkerer said...

Nice to hear that you guys had a safe & enjoyable trip.

Thanks much for the awesome pics. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them.

Did you pig out on the Thai food? The pics suggest there was a lot of yummy stuff going around :)

Btw, the Thai script reminds me of Tamil (language spoken in south-east India & north-east Sri Lanka). Any connection?