Monday, May 28, 2007

Homesick already?

Today I purchased a return ticket to Amsterdam! I'll be there from Friday, July 27 until Monday, July 30!

Homesick already, I hear you ask. No, not that :) but the opportunity was there and on that particular weekend that I'm going I am invited to a wedding and a group of friends will go sailing. Shu will most likely join me as well, but we still have to purchase her ticket. And she's contemplating on traveling for a while thereafter through Europe, so her ticket will be different to mine anyways.

List of things to do if enough time:
* eat herring
* have beer and sate at the Stoof


2BFrank said...

Brilliant! That is great news! N. will be so glad!

Anonymous said...

Nog meer things to do:

- Give Cindy a big hug! (sure you can fit that in!)