Monday, May 28, 2007


欢迎大家有机会来看看. Q和我非常欢迎大家. 谢谢关注我们! 感谢刘华涛和赵鸿靖翻译的大力支持!

N.B. That's a shout-out to my friends in China (and it applies to all our friends). It loosely translates to "Everyone's welcomed to visit. Q and I would be happy to have you here. Thank you for following our update. And special thanks to LHT & ZHJ for helping me with the Chinese translation. :)".

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to keep connectting with you.
remember,we are your powerful supporters for ever.

Q,you are so strong!But you are not strong enough ,because I'm 105kg weight!