Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Reason Why I Love Colombia

2011-04-11 14h20m03s DMC-TS2 P1100534

….Well, it is one of the reasons! The Colombian delicacy is called hormiga culona, a fat-bottomed ant that is fried and eaten as snack or cooked with food. I was told that the ants grow for over a year before being picked from the earth.

2011-04-11 14h24m14s DMC-TS2 P1100538

In case you are curious about the taste, well, let me tell you, the head bit is quite crunchy and the bottom more meaty, so a nice mix. And it tastes quite earthy and woody – not that I had eaten either. Delicious and addictive. I can see why it’s a local favorite.

More on Colombia to follow… Yes, just like Brazil, we are finding it hard to move on from this amazing country.

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