Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A is for Asado in Argentina

Now that we are heading north, we have left the gaucho (cowboy) country behind. However I feel compelled to blog about one of the most essential cultural signatures in Argentina: Asado.

Asado is essentially barbeque, but done in a very patient and artful way. A typical asado consists of many different types of meats, besides the common steaks, there are often interesting parts like intestines, sweet bread, blood sausages - all the same delicious in different ways. A good asado is served over the course of several hours, with the meat selection getting increasingly better and more delicious.

2011-01-01 20h52m05s DMC-LX3 P1010925_RW2Just about every Argentinian man takes extreme pride in his techniques in making the perfect BBQ - it may cause a heated debate as to who is the best asador. But there is no doubt in my mind that the best BBQ is in Argentina.

We have had the honour of joining a few and it never failed to impress. Here are some great asado moments. (Sorry to make you drool, dad!)

2011-01-01 21h12m53s DMC-LX3 P1010928_RW2

(Courtesy of Juan Pablo in Puerto Madryn)

2010-09-29 14h32m06s DMC-LX3 P1000873_RW2

(Courtesy of Claudia y German in Tucuman)

2010-10-17 15h44m31s DMC-LX3 P1010080_RW2

(Courtesy of Bas y Sas in Buenos Aires)

There, A is for Asado. Now you know the most single important cultural fact about Argentina. If only if you can taste the meat yourself. So tender, so delicious…

2011-01-01 21h02m02s DMC-LX3 P1010927_RW2

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