Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bye bye Holland...

UK here we come!

After having been in mainland Europe for 'slightly' longer than we had hoped for, it's off by boat, on our way to the UK. Only for two days before we drop the bike and take a plane ourselves to our next destination: South America! And it won't be quiet, we've already got our Spanish lessons lined up starting on Monday!

Our extended stay in Europe gave us extra time to meet up with friends, we loved every moment of it! It was great seeing your new house/meeting your new girlfriend/seeing your son/daughter for the first time/(other, elaborate) (cross out whatever is not applicable to your situation;). And thanks to everyone for their support of our big trip! Yes, I know, we will try to write on the blog more often :)

(and if you happen to be in London these coming days, drop us a line! we'll meet up for a drink!)

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