Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iran Experience: Casa Craze

The Iran leg of the trip has been full of challenges and surprises. One of them was the crazy reception our motorcycle received, which by the way we have lovingly named Casa – yes, that’s Spanish for “home”. :)

Casa drew a sizable crowd very quickly wherever we stopped – at gas stations, grocery shops, restaurants, hotels, you name it. Not only the crowds would continuously ask us questions, they would go as far as touching and posing next to the motorcycle. As we found out soon enough it is illegal for Iranians to own motorcycles with over 200 cc engine capacity in Iran, so with 800 cc, our Casa naturally stands out in this motorcycle-popular country. At first we found the unwanted attention very annoying and frustrating, later on we still found it annoying and frustrating, but got used to the crowds and started taking photos of the crowds. Check them out!






So much for a celebrity experience! I am pretty certain I heard a huge sigh of relief from Casa when we left Iran. :)

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FreeTinkerer said...

Interesting to hear about bikes in Iran. And about Casa's celebrity status too. Thanks for sharing.

Another donation of encouragement.