Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Big Trip and Please Donate!

Here is a question for everyone - Suppose you didn’t have any constraints, give it work or relationship or financial, where do you see yourself live? Now obviously we all have commitment of various sorts, but the answer does brings out that dream buried deep down somewhere by the daily routines.

For Q and I, our answer is - on our motorcycle!

To all our family and friends, we want to share with you our latest development and plan. We have decided to leave UAE after three fruitful and exciting years, and take this opportunity to realize one of Q's dreams – riding a motorcycle around the world for about six months, a.k.a. going on a Big Trip! As for me, I am just happy to be wherever Q is. *Aww!*

Ever since the decision was made, we have been working frantically to get ourselves ready for moving and the Big Trip. In short, it is shear madness right now and we can't wait till we get on the road! In terms of where-to afterwards, well, we don’t know yet but we have our eyes on a few countries and will certainly try very hard to get to one of them.

As you can imagine, this will a huge change in our lives – not only because of change of location but also lifestyle – we will get to be modern day nomads and live frugally again - how cool is that! I reckon Q will grow an afro towards the end! Here is a sneak preview of what we plan to do – everything is subject to change!

Right, now that you know our case, this is where we will plead for your donation- we desperately need encouragement. Lots and lots of it. We will not be able to enjoy the trip nearly as much if not for your support, interest and smiles. Please donate generously.

Shu & Q


Susmita said...

oh my goodness shu! why am i not surprised? you two amaze me, and make me drool with jealousy. what a fantastic adventure...i'm so proud of you, and can't wait to hear stories!!!

Cornelia said...

Woow what a great adventure you have ahead of you! I am soo happy for you! :) I don't see Sweden in your itinerary, but please know that you are more than welcome to come. I can offer a place to sleep, food and sightseeing for a couple of days.

Raymond said...

Ooh, sounds like fun. But you're missing out by skipping Africa. I really admire this guy, too:

FreeTinkerer said...

I'm not surprised you figured out the answer to the question.

Has Q started growing that Afro yet?

Sending big donation of encouragement.

As always, best wishes.