Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our cheap eateries in Abu Dhabi

Time Out Abu Dhabi just published a list of 31 cheap eateries in Abu Dhabi. Very pleased to see so many of our long standing favorites in the list! Among others:

Asian Garden (Thai and Filipino. Never really a fan of multiple kitchens in restaurants, but we tried it and were addicted. When we asked the waiters what nationality the cook is, he proudly said they have two cooks,  one Thai and one Filipino! We’ve been regulars ever since.)


Lebanese Flower (Lebanese –> shawarma and other Lebanese goodies)


Kathmandu (Nepali)


Bandung (Indonesian)


Beijing (Chinese, approved by Shu)


Al Fujairah (Pakistani, delicious thick curries)


Captain’s Arms (pub food, one of the few pubs with a very nice cosy outside; ‘terras’ in Dutch)


There are also a few eclectic ones, among which:

49ers The Gold Rush (steaks, as Time Out Abu Dhabi put it: ‘if this were a magazine it would be pure ‘top shelf’, because of the clientele that populates the place after 9pm, ‘nuf said :)


And also a few we have yet to try, like:

Transilvania (Romanian)


and Fish Hut (fried fish…), at just over one Euro/US$, it’s a steal!


My mouth is watering!! Time for LUNCH :D

(you can read the full article here)!

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Unknown said...

Yum yum delicious!!!! Can't find that many good places here in one city (and I'm not talking 'bout Hillegomcity :-))...