Monday, June 29, 2009

UAE's New Mercedez-Benz

When I first moved to Abu Dhabi two years ago, I refused to drive the Lexus Q bought, why? Because I was a new driver and I knew better to practice on something cheaper and more basic. And what do you know, three days after I got a rental, I had a fender-bender in the crazy parking lot!

On that note, these two news caught my attention and make me wonder why UAE doesn't have that common sense. One is on Abu Dhabi's bid to host the headquarter for IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), and the other being the feasibility study for Dubai to host the 2020 Olympics and the World Expo.

So I am just going to be the dumb child in the Emperor's new clothes parade and say it flat out, "The UAE doesn't have relevant qualifications!" A quick search on "Germany renewable energy" returned 4.6 million results, whereas "UAE renewable energy" 322 thousands, that's 7%! Similarly "Canada sports" returned 1.76 billion results, whereas "UAE sports" only give me 6.8 million, that's less than 1%! Let's face it, with UAE being the most wasteful country and has far fewer sports facilities than shopping malls, I fail to see how these monuments can be erected on tooth picks. (All you nerds out there, don't even think about proving this.)

The main reason UAE wants them is publicity - the international gigs would make fancy show-off toys. I welcome their interests in the subject matters, but maybe they should consider practice in a Toyota first before bulldozing down the roads with their Mercedez-Benz.

Photo taken in AD traffic by a colleage. Can you tell how shiny the car was???


Sand Surfer said...

I think I saw that car just yesterday :)

Melchior said...

Hi Shu, always fun to read your blogs!

Perhaps they should have the Winter Olympics over there. Dubai already has one of the biggest indoor ski resorts ;)

Captain Pigeon said...

maybe i'm too serious at times but come on be part of it, would you kick a dog with a broken leg?