Monday, February 16, 2009

Surgery done - Q back home

And I'm back... from hospital, that is.

Thank you all who sent very sweet messages to me or to Shu. Always good to know so many people care and will reach out to us!

The update, I went into surgery on Sunday already, and after spending one night in hospital, they have discharged me. So I'm back home, in a brand new above-the-knee-cast, ready for people to sign :)
Coming out of surgery was ok, I did feel the occassional discomfort with the wound, but nothing more than is expected. The first cast they put on after the surgery had a lump below the knee, which was uncomfortable, so they replaced it with a new one. After that, I could go home!

And now, time to recover! This cast will stay on for 2 weeks, after which have a new appointment with the doctor who will replace the cast with a new, shorter one.

That's all folks!

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Anonymous said...

Things Q can't do at the moment: skying !! Had a blast in Les, Arcs, France last week. Sorry Q., trust you will be up and about soon.