Sunday, October 5, 2008

Better Than Sarah Palin

According to the US VP candidate Sarah Palin's theory, I am better than her in foreign policies! That really should not come as a surprise since I've lived in Canada and actually visited a former-USSR country. As a matter of fact, so are the Indian dry cleaner, Pakistanie cab driver, Phillipino cleaning lady - they all have more foreign policy experience than Palin! Now that is scary. Oh wait, we can't play flute or smile as pretty, but surely real foreign policy experience counts as something in a political election?!?

I am not American and I am already so embarrased when I saw her in the interviews. Seriously, just about all of the expats I have spoken to want to see Obama-Biden lead one of the most powerful countries/economies, so for all you Americans reading this, please do the world a favor and pick wisely.


Anonymous said...

Cute, Shu! I would vote for you.

My brothers' cats have more foreign policy experience, having made the long trip from Edmonton to Abu Dhabi.

Anonymous said...

Not only are you more qualified Shu, but better looking as well !
Boy oh boy, this woman was asked what qualifies her in the area of foreign policy and basicly (no sorry: literally) her answer was: well, I'm from Alaska which is very close to Russia....
Really, not kidding, and she couldn't get more profound than that when the persistent reporter kept squeezing her.....
Please, please, all americans, please help avoid a disaster from happening.
Thanks from Holland (you know: the capital of Amsterdam)