Friday, September 12, 2008

My New Desktop Wallpaper

Mark, Q and I, the three of us, rode two motorcycles for one week in northern Italy and Switzerland a week ago. And the things I've done since returning from it?

1) Plotted out the places we've been to and made the map image my new desktop wallpaper.

2) Researched about expats in Italy, and bugged Q about it, repeatedly.

3) Daydreamed and drooled over my remininsense of the crisp fresh cool air after thunderstorms rolling over the the mountains and heavenly pasta from kitchens run by old and tough Italian women.

Sounds familiar? Yes, it seems that I have a case of "love-at-first-sight" with the Italian Alps.

Mark and Q were the superheros for driving the motorcycles from the Netherlands all the way to Zurich to pick me up before we embarked on the journey. Q only tried to 'murder' me on a few occassions, including pulling off 202 km/her on Italian highway - thankfully all attempts failed. Special thanks to the Ziolek family for hosting us in a lovely quaint little Swiss town, and wow, yummy cheesy raclette!

Mark and Q's loyal rides
Another motorcycle passing by us.

A typical Italian small town where the view from a bathroom is wayyy better than our expensive Abu Dhabi downtown apartment. Ahh...

Hair-pin roads of the famous Stelvio Pass, only 50 marked 180-degree turns before reaching the top! ;)
Looking back at the way up Stelvio!

Whatever goes up must come down.

Another pass just south of Stelvio - we liked it even better!

It got so foggy and scary and exciting!

How about soccer practice at a green field surrounded by the Alps?

Dropped (and broke) my camera after I took this photo of the hotel we stayed at, and that was only day 2 of our trip in Italy. :S

* Viva Italia! *


FreeTinkerer said...

I am speechless!

chinos said...

Love all your photos! Gorgeous!