Sunday, August 3, 2008

Abu Dhabi in 2030

A very interesting artist impression of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030. Well worth watching!

Or click here to watch the video!

That's a lot of change in a space of just over 20 years! If you, for instance, consider that public transportation just got of the ground with 4 bus lines, in the video you see trams and metros zooming by! Wow!

Although I think it's safe to say we won't still be living here by that time. Then again, who knows... :D

On a different note, we're both very much looking forward to our visit to Iran this coming Wednesday!! We're going for 4 days, not very long, I know, but we still hope to catch a good few glimpses of the place. Heard awesome stories about the country and its people! Shu's already practicing wearing a head scarf! :)

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