Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oooh, I love traveling!

As most of you know (by now?), I love traveling, Shu loves traveling, we love traveling! It's not completely a coincidence that we met while traveling!

Last week a blog of a friend of mine pointed me to a video/blog of one Matt and his (dancing) travels. Have a look (check out the full HD version on Vimeo for the best quality):

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

I love the innocence in the video, I love to watch all the people dance, so carefree! This video just makes me super-happy! Watch it, and enjoy :)

Speaking of traveling, I've just (well, 10 days ago by now) come back from a two-week trip to the States. I flew Abu Dhabi - Amsterdam - Minneapolis. I had about 5 hrs to kill at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Just enough time to meet up with a few friends enjoy the Hollandse Nieuwe! They were DELICIOUS (thanks again, Maarten, for bringing them!)!

The first week was a family reunion (#2 this year, a first, we usually only meet every few years!) held at my aunt and uncle's house in Stillwater, MN. It was a grrrrrrrrrrreat success! There were a total of 25 people at the busiest time, and of course the main theme of the whole event was Pood (=food, for you non-pamily-members out there). It shouldn't come as a surprise that at almost all hours of the day you could find people preparing food in the kitchen! My cousin (Vanes)Sa and I assigned ourselves to whip up a tapas-buffet on Saturday night!

People from almost all continents were there (Latin America, Africa and Antarctica were missing), and I got to meet my new nephew Cooper and niece Violet, as well as see Isabella, Lili and Olivia again!

Meet Cooper and Violet!

I joined Sa back to New York, where I spent the second week of my trip. I managed to excercise my credit card there, getting thingies which we can't get in U.A.E. or are cheaper. Staying in NY (with Sa) is always one big partyyyy, and she did not let me down this time :) we frequented all kinds of places, including restaurants, kewl lounges and a true Biergarten in Queens, the works! We even got to do a little bit of culture as well!

All in all, a very exciting, exhausting trip. And it was too bad that Shu was not able to join me on this trip. Her work tied her in, unfortunately. But for the next trip we'll be able to travel together -at least most of the time- again :)

(o, and sweetie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)

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