Monday, June 9, 2008

I Heart Toronto

Knowing me, some of you probably is already wondering what's up since I haven't blogged for a long while. Well, I am a tad bit tired from my flash visit to Toronto.

In mid-May, I made a six-day trip to Toronto (four days on the ground and two days flying) to see my parents. Living in UAE is the first time both Q and I are apart from our parents, and it bugged me that I plan all these trips to elsewhere but not to them. It's one of those things, and I finally realized that I needed to visit them - even for no particular reason. And I'm very glad that I did, but it is quite sad and depressing to leave them again, as much as I wouldn't like to admit. So if anything I've learnt from the trip, keep regular contacts with parents - both physically and emotionally. It ain't easy I know.

Parents aside, I didn't realize how much I missed Toronto until the plane started circling above the city prior to landing, and I talked like a baby during the first couple hours driving in the city, "Trees! ... Flowers! ...Dogs! Green trees! Real trees!" People say that you don't realize how much you've lost until you lost it, for me, it's until I returned to it.

All in all, it was an awesome trip. I never knew a road trip could be so much fun - many thanks to my navigators: Mom and GPS. Yes, after getting used to driving in AD, driving in Toronto was real easy - 1000 km in 3 days, baby! (OH YEAH, some of you should be shivering with fear now. :) I just had to remember NOT to exhibit three typical UAE behaviours: U-turn at traffic light, no honking and no high-beaming others who move slow (including pedestrians).

Here are some photos to end the posting!

Friendly welcoming Dutch ;)

Dim Sum!

Cherry Blossom

New maple leaves


Algonquin Park

Wolf Centre - very cool!

Tree canopy walk - 70 feet above the ground!

Pampered by lovely B&B owners: Paul & Anne-Marie

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2BFrank said...

Nice pictures Shu!
Wolfs! Very cool!