Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Very cool demo

(nerd alert!!)

So for once, something that has absolutely nothing to do with Shu, me, Abu Dhabi or our travels...
A serious cool demo on the use of online images! I was very impressed with it, and some parts of it are already usable online!
Click on the image for the demo:
(thank you, Os, for the tip!)

(nerd alert off)

Ok, a short update on us, Shu is still in the Philippines, backpacking southern Luzon, together with Sara. And I, meanwhile, am back in Abu Dhabi. Even back to work!
The trip was excellent! I got to see parts of the Philippines I hadn't been to before, did plenty of diving (I can recommend going wreck diving in Subic Bay, I dove the LST and El Capitan), on a sourer note, I dropped my dive computer and the glass has a slight crack in it... So I'll need to get that fixed!
And then there was the family reunion! Not planned as such, but when people discovered that my parents were going, just about everybody starting to fly in! Serious fun!

Pictures, as usual, will follow!

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