Saturday, August 11, 2007

Check out my new wheels!

No, the bike's not blocking the view of my new ride, the bike is my new ride!

It's a Pakistani bike! Not as sturdy as the Dutch counterparts, but then again, this was quite a bit cheaper!
So now I can bike to locations which I don't want to drive to (parking can be horrible) and are too far to walk to! And of course it gives me much needed exercise...

And it'll carry Shu on the back :)

(by the by, everyone I've seen biking on these Paki bikes leaves the bubble-wrap and cardboard wrapping on, so I do too! It might be the most vital part holding this thing together!)


FreeTinkerer said...

Congrats on the new wheels. Love it. Looks exactly like the one I used to ride in India. Btw, passenger/s can be seated either on the rear carrier or on the cross-bar in front (or on both :) - Indian style. Happy riding Q.

Unknown said...

I'm impressed. Riding a bycicle in that heat?, that's what we call a "bikkel". Cheers, Peer "won't drive a bike if his life depended on it"